Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm a business owner, can I list my business in i baduga?

Answer: Yes, all business owners who are interested in doing business in Nilgiris can post theris business details.


Question: How can I list my business in i baduga?

Answer: Click the "Post Free Listing" section on your right top of the website and update your details. Our team will then contact you further information. You can also contact us via any means listed in "Advertise with Us" section.


Question: Once I list my business, what would be published to users?

Answer: 1. Business name

               2. Nature of business (About US)

               3. Business address

               4. Office phone number

               5. Email ID

               6. Website address

               7. Business working hours

              8. Facebook ID

              9. Instagram ID

              10. Photos of your business

              11. Google map link                                                                                                          


Question: As a business owner, how would my business benefit from listing in i baduga?

Answer: This would be a platform to give your business a new reach from customers, enhance your visibility as your business would be at the users' fingertips anytime anywhere.


Question: Where will my business be listed?

Answer: Your business will be listed in classified section of i baduga website and mobile application.


Question: Is there any registration fee?

Answer: No. It is absolutely FREE of charge.


Question: How much it is to list my business in MIBD mobile app and website?

Answer: Your listings are FREE of charge.


Question: If I’m doing more than one business with totally different nature of business, e.g., phone shop and barber shop, how the businesses will be listed in i baduga mobile app and website?

Answer: The businesses will be listed as two different businesses under different categories.


Question: Why can't I see contact details of other members?

Answer: For security reasons we don't display contact details of the members.


Question: What are the requirements for becoming a member?

Answer: Membership is open to all. Registration requests may be checked for trueness. You may be asked to provide additional details if there is no sufficient verifiable information provided at the time of signup.


Question: How do I submit content to be included in the website?

Answer: If you are a member you can login and click the "Post Free Listing" section on your right top of the website and update the details. Our team will then approve the content after validating it. If you are not a member please email your details and content to us at


Question: How do I contact you? What are your email address(es) that I can email you?

Answer: You can email us at We are also available in watsapp in the number 9787315515