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 Eeramaasi Hethai & Baduga Community


Being a Dialect language with no written system, most of our rich heritage and history have not been recorded by our ancestors and thus proper and sufficient transfer of knowledge through the generations has been hindered. There are around 383 Hattis within the Nakku Betta with very many traditions and practices whose history, meaning and relevance might not been recorded or known or understood by the present generation and thus our roots are either eroding or weakening. 

To seek to know our rich history, culture, heritage, traditions so as to understand from the wisdom of our antecedents we are creating a platform called ibaduga.com wherein we request the Diaspora of our Badugas living across the world to share their knowledge regarding our history, culture and traditions in the given webpage. Also we encourage our members to post their advertisements, job postings and requirements, sharing expertise in the fields of water management, organic farming, animal husbandry, dairy farming,floriculture, eco management, anything and everything that help in the enhancement of the quality of life of our community.

From time immemorial music has been an integral part of our culture, be it the simple rhythm of our ascendants“ye haa how,.,! ye how how…!” which is predominantly used in almost all occasions ranging from birth (huttu), festivals (habba), marriage (madhuvae) ceremonies and even in funerals (saavu). The Baduga songs have evolved over a period from the divine bugiri songs and bhajans songs to the current melodies and beat songs with its uniqueness and beauty. ibaduga.com brings to you a compilation of over 1000 Baduga songs with unique features like ; Playlist option wherein  you can add any number of your favorite Baduga songs from various albums to your Playlist and through Repeat & Shuffle mode, you could listen the songs to your hearts fill.

Baduga music has such a vibrant power that tempts people to rise & dance right from a newborn baby to an age old man, rich and the poor, men and women, and other community people also… So enjoy